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The purpose of this Website is to present the e-impact project and its results.

The e-IMPACT consortium (hereinafter the Consortium) maintains the “” website (hereinafter Website) to present the project, its objectives and achievements to the stakeholders and the public. The e-impact project has received funding from the European Union’s CEF Transport.

The e-impact project aims to implement the e-Freight standard and e-Delivery infrastructure developed in EU funded projects like e-Freight and iCargo in real operations along 3 corridors of the TEN-T Core Network: The Atlantic, Mediterranean and Baltic / Adriatic corridors.

The Business Cases in the project involve 3 countries, Italy, Poland and Portugal and 10 partners that integrates the Consortium.

The content of the Website reflects only the author’s view. The European Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.

The goal of the Consortium is to keep this information timely and accurate. The information contained in the website is not necessarily comprehensive, complete, accurate or up to date. If errors are brought to the Consortium’s attention, the Consortium will try to correct them. Users can inform the Consortium via email (

Nevertheless, the Consortium, its Partners, decline any responsibility from any use that may be made from the information contained in this website, by any user or other third parties, which assumes all and any consequence or responsibility that may be accomplished by such use, directly or indirectly.

Despite careful content control, we do not accept responsibility for any pages owned by third parties that are linked to ours. The operators of linked sites are exclusively responsible for their content. The Consortium does not claim any ownership of the target contents available through the links. If Users find content that violates any laws, regulations, or legal rights, they are requested to report the content to

It is the Consortium’s goal to minimize disruption caused by technical errors. The Consortium provides all services dependent on existing technical, financial, operational, and organizational conditions. The Consortium shall not be held accountable for any service interruptions, disturbances, delays, deletions, transmission errors, or server failure that occur in connection with the use of the services provided or with communications with the User. The Consortium is not obligated to make services available online without interruption and at all times. The Consortium has the right to interrupt service for a reasonable period of time for internal reasons, e.g. maintenance.

Declaration of Exoneration of Responsibility

The material contained in this Portal is constituted of information of a general character that are not necessarily exhaustive, rigorous or the latest information.

The e-Impact Consortium, do not guarantee that the services made available by the Portal of the e-Impact project will function without interruption.

The e-Impact Consortium is not obliged to keep the content of the Portal, including texts, images or any other information. These may be destroyed at any time, and as a result no compensation will be provided to users or any other third-parties.

The Portal has links to external sites, the e-Impact Consortium has no control and has no responsibility whatsoever for these external sites.

The e-Impact Consortium. do not assume responsibility for eventual problems that may occur in the course of use of the Portal or any other external sites to which this is linked.

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Users will be identified if they conduct illegal activity, violating the present Terms and Conditions, or whenever this is requested for judicial purposes.

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