The key purpose of the Trieste business case, see Figure 4 is to link the port to hinterland transportation enabling multimodal journey planning and booking associated to intermodal operations in Trieste (EMT multimodal operator), exploiting the e-Freight Framework. This operation involves Ro-Ro services operated from Turkey and Greece to Trieste and rail connections from Trieste to North Europe, daily linking Italy with Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

The key logistics stakeholders that are involved are:

  • Port of Trieste - the meeting point of the trans-European Corridor V and the Adriatic Corridor. It is a gateway position towards East Europe and the Balkans.
  • Europe Multipurpose Terminal(EMT) is the Terminal operator that manages the intermodal operations and freight traffic involving: RO-RO services from Turkey/Greece to Trieste and train connections from Trieste to North Europe
  • Konmbiverkehr is the rail operator, future beneficiary of e-impact solution. It organizes most of the railway services from and to EMT terminal.